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Richard Witherspoon

I am an iOS app developer with 5 years of experience developing, testing, and publishing apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. In addition to having multiples apps published on the App Store, I work full time as the lead iOS developer for InterPro Solutions, and occasionally take on contracting opportunities. I earned my formal education in electrical engineer and economics from RIT.

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About Me

I'm a full time iOS developer outside of Boston who works full time at InterPro Solutions, works on client projects, and likes to create my own apps. I've been developing for Apple's platforms since 2017 and absolutely love it. I find my career to be incredibly rewarding and the iOS community is amazing. I look forward to seeing what my future can be.


When I'm not writing code, you can find me hiking, riding my motorcyles, on a beach, and shredding down the mountain if it's cold enough. If you ski, we can't be friends. Joking. Mostly.


Below you can find the most notable apps that I have worked on. These include my companies applications, contracting projects, as well as my own personal apps. Most of them can still be found on the app store today.

Study Sets

The simplest app for creating and learning study cards. With three different study methods and features such as iCloud sync, OCR, music integration,and more, studying has never been easier.


Streamline request management by enabling community members to initiate a Maximo work request, upload pictures, communicate with service providers, and enjoy real-time visibility into ongoing processes – all from an intuitive, secure mobile app that is easily tailored to an organization’s specific needs.


InterPro is the only company offering a suite of Maximo mobile apps built exclusively for IBM Maximo — using native Maximo rules, permissions, and datastores — eliminating double updates, data lags, and synchronization failures. EZMaxMobile expands upon native Maximo capabilities to mirror the way people actually work — with intuitive interfaces, bold graphics, and rich functionality.


Browse which movies are playing, the most popular, upcoming, and the most top rated movies of all time. Check different categories, search for any movie, and save your favorites to your own currated collection. With Cinematic, movies have never looked so good.

NYAB Field Service

A password protected, New York Air Brake mobile service record reference. Easily allows employees to document service vists and have customers sign off on service status. Additonally allows exporting of all data in CSV and JSON formats.

Body Insights

Customize your health statistics to your liking while keeping all of your data safe. See bar charts and line graphs along with statistics of the most popular categories supported by Health Kit. Over 60 types are currently supported such as steps, distance, swimming, walking/running, water, and many more!

Apple Card

An interactive mockup of the Apple Card that apple announced on March 25, 2019. See all of the great features and benefits that Apple Card will provide when avaliable.

Math Flash

Math Flash is the easiest way to practice your math skills and is made for skill levels of all ages. Work on subtraction, addition, multiplication, and division. With a engaging and intuative interface, children won't want to put it down.

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